Booking Changes

To speed up the booking in process at both Energi and Leyland Sessions we have made some changes to the way our booking system will work.

The main difference for our customers is that we require you to bring your Membership Card to every session and we will require your email address when making a booking online or onsite at Energi, this just means we will send you a QR code that you will need to present when checking in, this makes it easier to Scan your code and your booking will instantly come up on our system.

Our new system automatically books' you in for the 4 or 5 dates required meaning our staff do not have to search names and try to find you on the system.

Just a few things to remember about our sessions.

All participants must book in on arrival and receive a stamp.

Failure to do this may result in the session being delayed as our coach goes to check who is booked in and who has not booked in.

Participants of the Street Monkey Session must not enter the arena until directed by a coach, they must also not go on the trampolines.

This is due to Street Monkeys Academy being a separate business to Energi and having separate policies in place, Any person going on the Trampoline Arena must have a waiver checked by a member of Energi Staff. This isn't done as standard when checking in for a Street Monkey Session.

Parents are requested to not enter the Arena or Street Monkey Area.

This is a continuation of the policy that Energi run that all persons entering the arena must have a valid waiver Checked by a member of Energi Staff. Our coaches will make every effort to come to the reception area and be available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have at the end of each session, however this will only be for as long as possible due to the next session starting. Relax and grab a coffee from the Cafe!